Meet Denise Kistner

Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, Denise Kistner is the voice of reason we need right now as a Circuit Court Judge and has spent her life fighting for others.

Denise graduated from Trenton State College — now the College of New Jersey — in 1991 studying political science.

She then moved to South Florida to pursue her career in law by attending St. Thomas University Law School. When at Law School, she always was active in the legal realm, and both clerked for and participated in an appellate clinic with Professor Amy Ronner. Upon graduation in 1995, she was admitted to the bar and immediately began practicing law in cases regarding appellate, family, dependency or termination of parental rights cases, step-parent adoption, adult adoption, and paternity. Since entering the field, she has excelled and handled appeal cases at all levels, from circuit court to the Florida Supreme Court.

Every chance Denise had, she used her legal skills to help others. Denise has a long history of fighting for children in court as a Guardian Ad Litem and Attorney ad Litem. She didn’t stop there though. She also represented a long list of different people within families, from parents, children, relatives, foster parents, to non-relatives in dependency & termination of parental rights cases.

Beyond her legal practice, also stays involved in the legal community as a Former Juvenile Court Rules Committee member and former President of Justice in Dependency Cases. She currently owns her own successful law firm in Fort Lauderdale — Law Offices of Denise E. Kistner.

Denise Kistner is the proud mother of two, Philip and Annelise, who attend FSU and UCF. She has been married to the love of her life, Philip Kistner since 1990. She has been a proud resident of Broward County since 1991 and now wants to serve the community that has given her and her family so much.